Athletes must be enrolling in Grade 1 for the 2019-2020 school year to participate in our “Mini(est) Devo” program and Grade 2 for the 2019-20 school year to participate in our “Mini Devo” program.  All age groups referenced throughout the application and registration processes will be for the grade the athlete will be entering for the 2019-2020 school year.  Please no exceptions!

Why Apply

Application Process

STEP 1: New participant applications will be available March 12 and due back to us no later than March 26, 2019…Thank you!

Applications received after this deadline (March 26, 2019) will not be considered.

We will review these applications and select the athletes that will make up the most well-matched teams taking age, gender and ability levels into consideration. These team announcements will be made by email on or before April 1, 2019. Please understand that this will not be an easy process for us. We will do our very best to accept as many athletes as possible however, we need to prioritize the quality of our program and need small rider to coach ratios to accomplish our goals. Please direct any questions, concerns or comments regarding this process to Amy via email or by phone at (970) 596-4085.

Registration Process

Video Tutorial

STEP 2: After (and ONLY AFTER) you have been contacted by Crested Butte Devo regarding acceptance into our summer 2019 program, please register here.

STEP 3: Then you will be redirected to Secure Your Spot(s) automatically, if you’re not re-directed please click here.

  1. This is a non-refundable $50 pre-registration deposit.
  2. This deposit will be deducted at “checkout” using coupon code “50back2019” when you complete the program registration and payment process (STEP 4).  You will not be able to use this coupon code for pre-registration!

STEP 4: Choose the right GROUP for your athlete(s)

STEP 5: Pay Program fees in full.  Here is where you will enter “50back2019” to deduct the $50 pre-registration fee from your program fees due.

For the 2019 season, all registration paperwork and payment can once again be completed online. We HUGELY appreciate payments made by check as this allows us to put more money back into our program rather than paying costly merchant fees. To take this financial burden off of our non-profit organization, all credit card payments will be charged a 3.5% convenience fee.  If you prefer to pay with a check to avoid this charge, please feel free to leave payment in the CB Devo drop box located at 914 Belleview or mail to us at:

Crested Butte Devo
PO Box 1416
Crested Butte, CO

If you’d like to set up a three month payment plan with installments due April 1, May 1 and June 1, 2019 please contact to make arrangements.

Online registration and full program fees are due on or before June 1, 2019.

Program Fees

Fees vary for our one and two-day programming, however the daily fee $48/day for two-day programming and $50/day for one-day programming.  Fully sublimated custom CB Devo team jerseys by Podium Wear are available for the discounted price of $30-$45 depending on style.  We will throw an end of season ice cream party and occasional surprise “POPSICLE DAYS” throughout the summer.

  • We will offer a 5% sibling discount.
  • With our expanded programming, it is simply too difficult to issue credits for days that are missed.  Therefore, you will be expected to pay for sessions that your child is unable to attend.  Please consider the points below under our “Missed Sessions Policy” regarding extended absences.  This is not a drop-in program and the level of commitment required comes from a place of safety and fun.

We understand that summer is a time that many families like to go away to visit family or vacation. If you could please communicate with us when your child will not be attending so we aren’t waiting for him/her before we leave that would be helpful.

Missed Sessions Policy

We strongly discourage missing sessions with Crested Butte Devo for the following reasons:

  • When an athlete is away, he/she loses fitness and returns to the group in a totally different place then they were before they left.
  • It becomes a safety issue when we have athletes who can’t complete a ride in a reasonable amount of time. This jeopardizes the ability of the coach to avoid exposure when bad weather is imminent.
  • We want every day to be a positive experience on the bike and when sessions are missed, especially on a regular basis, that is not going to be a positive experience for anyone.

We rely heavily on registration fees when creating our budget for the year and paying our highly-qualified, well-trained coaches well for their immense passion and energy is a top priority for us.  We appreciate your understanding with this matter and of course, please feel free to contact Amy if you have special circumstances that need to be considered.

Regarding extended absences due to sickness, family vacation, other camps and/or activities please be sure that your child understands that when he/she returns to CB Devo there is a high probability that he/she will be in a different group.  Here’s why…we saw firsthand these past three seasons that the riders who were consistent in their commitment to riding throughout the summer had amazing progress.  Those who missed weeks with no riding lost fitness and struggled to keep up with their group.  If you are questioning this policy, I’d like you to please ask yourself this question:  How does this effect the experience of your child and the rest of the groups safety?

Please know that our intentions here are NOT to be exclusive and that we DO understand that kids and families have other summer commitments.  If your child will be missing a couple of weeks throughout the summer session due to other camps and/or family vacations that is okay and we can work with your schedule.  Crested Butte kids are tough and bounce back quick so we just ask that you make the best effort possible to schedule trips around days your child’s group meets to ride. The exception here is missing the first two weeks of summer programming where we focus on skill development and expectations. Missing the first two weeks of a nine-week program doesn’t set the athlete, or Crested Butte Devo, up for success.

In the case of injury, all remaining registration fees for the season will be either refunded or can be used as a credit for next season.