Jr. Deva/Deva


(Please note, grades are for the 2018-19 school year.)

Jr. Deva GIRLS, GRADES 3-5
Monday/Wednesday (9am – 3pm)
For 2018, we will again be splitting our Jr. Devas into two groups to attain the very best ability matches. We will offer one group for third and fourth graders and another group for fifth graders.

Tuesday/Thursday (9am -3pm)

June 18 – August 17 (9 weeks) 
Jr. Deva and Deva team “Celebration” included with a Deva campout opportunity for a nominal additional fee

A high quality gender specific Podium Wear CB Devo logo jersey available for just $15, $20 or $25 depending on size and style

5% Sibling Discount (for each child)

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