[collapse_title]How do I sign up?[/collapse_title] [collapses] Please use the link to our online application form or email [email protected] for an application. As a first-year permit holder with the Gunnison County United States Forest Service, we have a very limited number of service days and will only be able to accept 21 riders for the Summer 2015 season. In our effort to have groups with diverse ability levels, age and gender, our coaches will be selecting the riders that will fit into our program this first year. After a successful first year we will be granted more service days and will therefore be able to accept more great kids but for now this is our situation so we ask for your patience and understanding with this process.

[button link=”https://crestedbuttedevo.com/registration/” size=”medium” color=”green” target=”blank”]Register Now![/button]


 [collapse_title]Is this program for beginner mountain bikers? [/collapse_title] [collapses]No, this is not a beginner program. Although we envision a season in the future where we can offer this, we are currently limited by United States Forest Service Permits and cannot offer a beginner program at this time. We would be happy to suggest a program that would fit your child’s needs.[/collapses]

 [collapse_title]How will bad weather days be handled? [/collapse_title] [collapses]In the event that the weather looks poor for the area we have scheduled that day, we will most likely head south towards Gunnison and pick an alternate ride. If all is poor then we will offer another option (swimming pool) or older rider’s can be sent home with parent permission.[/collapses]

 [collapse_title]Where is drop-off and pick-up?[/collapse_title] [collapses] Rainbow Park at 9 am SHARP will be the regular drop-off place and time, any changes will be communicated well ahead of time. Pick-up will also be at the Rainbow Park at 3:00 pm unless another plan is made which, again will be communicated in advance.[/collapses]

 [collapse_title]How can I become a coach?[/collapse_title] [collapses] Currently all of our coaching positions are filled with great coaches. However, we anticipate our program to expand quickly in the future so, please send your resume along with a description for why you are interested in coaching to [email protected] [/collapses]

 [collapse_title]Can I volunteer? [/collapse_title] [collapses]Absolutely! Please send an email to [email protected] with “Volunteer” as the subject heading and we’ll be sure to get back with you soon as this program would love to utilize as many volunteers as possible.[/collapses]

 [collapse_title]Note to Parents ♥[/collapse_title] [collapses]We at Crested Butte Devo have grouped our athletes by age and within these age groups will split up into ability. Coaches have the training and day to day experience with these athletes to be sure that they are in the appropriate group to encourage a fun and safe environment. We ask that you please let them decide within what group your child rides.[/collapses]